Benefits of the GML Biological Mobile Laboratory

1 Fieldable

Box-based, can be easily deployed anywhere, nearby the crisis area or on the user site.

2 Mobile

Can be relocated quickly in other crisis areas or user sites.

3 Autonomous

Autonomous laboratory with biosafety level 3, integrating real time analysis of infectious diseases and real time reporting.

4 Flexible

Customizable for a wide range of biological infectious diseases and medical tests. The testing strategy can be designed to user’s requirements

Strategic and humanitarian value

  • Critical support for health infrastructures to cut the transmission chain of epidemics.
  • Early triage of patients carrying highly contagious infectious diseases.
  • Rapid diagnostic testing with capabilities similar to large medical infrastructures.
  • Flexibility for rapid identification of infectious diseases ( Ebola, Marburg, Covid-19, Cholera, Malaria, Monkeypox, Dengue, Chikungunya, Anthrax, AIDS, …).
  • Real time reporting to health authorities.